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LEME Heated Tobacco Sticks

LEME Heated Tobacco Amber Option for Enjoyment

All LEME heated tobacco products adopt 5 innovative process applications:
carrier cavity forming process, ultra-concentration process, targeted neutralization process,
low-temperature suspension drying process, and peed three-dimensional rotary cutting granulation process.


Rich tobacco aroma, like what you smell when walking into a Scandinavian Forest after rain, with a slightly humid atmosphere. This is our amber option----original flavor with a strong tobacco aroma! It has a taste that is similar to the middle of a regular and balanced regular, if you're tired of traditional vaping and regular cigarettes, it is ideal for individuals who want to find an alternative to regular cigarettes.


This heated tobacco has a similar experience to cigarettes but it is not necessary to burn it! Adult smokers can enjoy tobacco flavor and nicotine without combustion by heating their tobacco. We have developed ground-breaking heated tobacco products through extensive research and development that don't burn tobacco. Instead, it warms it up using an electric heater. It is easy to use and it should always be used with a compatible heated device. But LEME tobacco products are compatible with most heat-not-burn devices, so it’s very convenient for use.

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LEME is the first company to apply for the "granular five-element stick structure" as the core invention patent. The five-element structure refers to the sealing sheet, the non-homogenized granules, the barrier firmware, the hollow section, and the filter rod. The core stick structure patent has been applied in 41 countries. LEME tobacco products use a Paper-tube integration structure.

* Mint: 0

* Throat hit: 5

* Aroma: 5

* Smooth: 5


Puffs: 13-15 each stick

Stick Dimensions: 7mm x 45mm

Package: 1 Box = 10 Packs = 200 Sticks

Sticks must be used with a compatible HTP device.
Insert it into the device. Press the power button and heat it for several seconds. Enjoy it!

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