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LEME Heated Tobacco Sticks

LEME Heated Tobacco Jade Option for Pleasure

Appropriate refreshing mint aroma, a series you will never miss!
Jade option is LEME
heated tobacco with a light mint flavor.

Mint flavor is a common taste among consumers who have the habit to enjoy the e-cigarette. But some LEME consumers think that they like the light mint more than intense mint. So, the R&D team of LEME launched the Jade option----light mint to respond to the user needs. LEME has never been mean to pamper its customers! It's ideal for smokers who want to move from conventional cigarettes to LEME. It could be used each day. If you own other HTP devices, you can use LEME heated tobacco products with them as well because it is compatible with the most widely used heated devices on the market. Customers who only own one device and would like to explore several tobacco stick brands will find this to be quite easy.


LEME adopts the automatic material mixed equipment to uniform the flavor of the granules. Since the granules are composed of different fragrant base raw materials, the different fragrant base powders must be fully mixed before entering the granulation process, otherwise, there will be a problem of inconsistent taste. The single batch feeding capacity of the mixing equipment can reach 1800 liters, and the 360° rotating design can ensure uniform mixing and can meet the needs of large-scale production. So LEME heated tobacco products can maximize the consistency of each granule.

* Mint: 0

* Throat hit: 5

* Aroma: 5

* Smooth: 5

Puffs: 13-15 each stick

Stick Dimensions: 7mm x 45mm

Package: 1 Box = 10 Packs = 200 Sticks

Sticks must be used with a compatible HTP device.
Insert it into the device. Press the power button and heat it for several seconds. Enjoy it!

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