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LEME Heated Tobacco Sticks

LEME Heated Tobacco Purple Option for Sunshine

This flavor extracts the essence from ripe purple grapes with a floral fragrance.
It will give you a fleshy taste of fresh grapes and the floral fragrance of the base notes.


Looking for a solution that will satiate your appetites for both tobacco and grapes? You can use LEME grape heated tobacco sticks. Now you know Purple option is the LEME Grape flavor stick. Are you tired of traditional tobacco flavors? Are you looking for new and unusual flavors? Purple option is the one you are seeking out! We sincerely invite you to taste our grape tobacco sticks. The fresh and natural grape flavor brings you a charming fruit aroma. Our LEME heated tobacco sticks have a zesty, energizing grape flavor that will make you happy. The flavor isn't overwhelmingly artificial and sweet. Instead, it's as fresh as you can imagine, excellent for any celebration and whenever you want to taste nature.


With heated tobacco sticks from LEME, you can enjoy the flavor of grapes wherever you are. LEME grape hot sticks are at your disposal whenever you want to make your day more cheerful. The best part is that they provide a genuine and healthy heated tobacco experience. Any fruit fan is sure to enjoy this delectable experience. Imagine walking through an orchard full of grape aromas, feeling the sweet, fruity smell! Is it a wonderful experience? Sure!


LEME grape tobacco sticks are waiting for you, are you ready?

* Mint: 0

* Throat hit: 5

* Aroma: 5

* Smooth: 5

Puffs: 13-15 each stick

Stick Dimensions: 7mm x 45mm

Package: 1 Box = 10 Packs = 200 Sticks

Sticks must be used with a compatible HTP device.
Insert it into the device. Press the power button and heat it for several seconds. Enjoy it!


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