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LEME Heated Tobacco Sticks

LEME Heated Tobacco Pearl Option for Cheerfulness

A refreshing collision between lime and mint, strong and soft mouthfeel,
like a cup of emerald-green,
penetrating cool mojito with white frost hung on the cup.


Five ingredients make up one typical drink: white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint. And it's designed to become a well-liked summer beverage thanks to its blend of sweetness, citrus, and fresh mint notes. Do you recognize it? You guessed correctly—mojito! Pearl option is LEME another heated tobacco stick with a mojito flavor.


The LEME tobacco stick has a mouthwatering mojito flavor. You now have a different choice! The LEME heated stick is the ideal combination of tangy lime and fresh mint leaves. You will feel wonderfully fresh after using this heated stick. You'll be moving through a happy setting. When you're feeling depressed, we hope that our mojito tobacco stick can put you at ease. When you enjoy it, you will see a capsule mark and you can pinch it then you can feel the mojito taste. It's a brand-new encounter!

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Since May 2018, we have carried out the patent layouts on a global scale. At present, LEME has applied for more than 30 patents in the aspects of heated tobacco product stick structure, auxiliary material structure, stick production equipment, etc. The goods will be strictly inspected before leaving the factory to ensure quality. The inspection process includes product appearance, seal integrity, taste testing and smoke testing, etc.. So LEME has explored Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Russia, and created its business operation centers. All clients have cooperated with LEME under the assurance.

* Mint: 0

* Throat hit: 5

* Aroma: 5

* Smooth: 5


Puffs: 13-15 each stick

Stick Dimensions: 7mm x 45mm

Package: 1 Box = 10 Packs = 200 Sticks

Sticks must be used with a compatible HTP device.
Insert it into the device. Press the power button and heat it for several seconds. Enjoy it!

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