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SKT Heating Device--Hione

SKT HiOne Blue Heating Device for Heat-Not-Burn Stick

To meet the needs of users, we have launched a new heating Device HiOne. The SKT HiOne device is simple to operate, so this is an ideal option for day-to-day use. HiOne uses the self-developed needle heating element and the new zirconia material. So it has fewer remains and it is easy to clean. What’s more, HiOne has a strong performance and less power consumption.


HiOne’s Specifications
Battery type: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Input: AC power adapter 5V=2A; or 10W wireless charger
Battery capacity of the Charging Box: 3,100 mAh
Battery capacity of the stick holder: 240 mAh
Maximum puffs: 16土1
Maximum smoking time: 5 min土5 S (including the preheating time)
Working temperature: 0-45°C


Instructions for the first use
Unlock the Device
Press and hold the button on top of the device for 5 seconds (child protection design), then release it. After the indicator gradually lights on slot by slot, the device will be in UNLOCK/POWER ON state. In unlocked state, press and hold the button for 5 seconds, the indicators will light off one by one, both the Charging Box and the stick holder will be in LOCKED/POWER OFF state.


Charge the Stick Holder
When the stick holder is put into the Charging Box to start charging, the white LED will begin to breathe and flash. When the battery is charged enough to smoke 2 cigarettes, the white indicator will turn into always-on, which is ready for use. If continue to charge it until full, the LED indicator will be off.

Charge the Charging Box
Connect the USB power cable to the power adapter, and USB-C port on the side of the Charging Box to charge the Charging Box, or you can charge the Charging Box through an adaptive wireless charging device. When the Charging Box is fully charged, the LED lights will turn off.


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