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SKT Heating Device--Hione

SKT HiOne White Heat Not Burning Device for Tobacco Stick

LEME sticks and SKT HiOne are a perfect match. SKT HiOne adopts a detachable leather case which allows you to create your style. It’s 72° shaft design permitting whatever you want. HiOne is both lightweight and powerful, you can operate only one hand. Above all, it is feasible to keep holding, dismantle and customize!


HiOne’s Specifications
Time of preheating: 28 seconds
Maximum Puffs: 16 puffs every 5 minutes
Capacity: 2 sticks for each fully charged stick holder, 20 sticks for each fully charged device
Battery: 240 mAh for Stick Holder, 3100 mAh for Device
Size: Stick Holder 14.5*92mm, Device 110.4*45.8*23mm


How to use?

1. Take out the stick holder and check the battery level
Slide the side frame, open the Charging Box and take out the stick holder. It can be seen that the LED indicator of the stick holder lights up. If the light flashes 2 times, you can smoke 2 cigarettes. If the light flashes 1 time, you can smoke 1 cigarette. And if the light flashes 5 times, the remaining power is not enough for smoking 1 cigarette.

2. Insert a cigarette, and start pre-heating
Insert a stick from the top of the stick holder. Press the button for 2 seconds, the device vibrates once, and it starts to pre-heat. During pre-heating, the LED indicator breathes/flashes slowly. After 28 seconds, the device vibrates once and the light keeps on, the pre-heating is finished. It is ready to smoke now.


3. Start to smoke, and a reminder before finished
When there are 2 puffs or 30 seconds left during smoking, the motor will vibrate once and LED will breathe/flash to remind you. When the total heating time reaches 5 minutes or the total puffs reaches 16 (whichever happens first), then the heating will end and the light will turn off.


4. Finish smoking, and take out the stick
After finishing smoking, rotate the used stick and pull it out. The battery capacity of stick holder
enables you to smoke 2 cigarettes.


5. Charge the stick holder
Once used, place the stick holder back into the Charging Box for charging (the Charging Box is in
unlocked state).


6. Stick charging troubleshooting
Poor charging contact of the stick holder, put the stick holder into the charging box, the charging current is very small due to poor contact, the stick holder vibrates, and the stick holder vibrates once every 3S, at this time, vibrating will be stopped when the user places the stick holder correctly. Such as no operation, end after 20 vibrations.


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